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As one of the top Global Coaches in the world,  Dr. Ranker’s clients are Global Executives whose decisions are critical for the organization to thrive Globally.  Most of his clients are 

  • They are already very successful, ambitious and wish to become more of the best they can be. 
  • They want top personal mentoring and tutoring from an ex-CEO and top global leadership coach so they can realize more of their potential, and get to their goals more quickly than on their own. 
  • They desire a better understanding of interpersonal relationships so they can strategize to minimize conflicts and become more effective in managing corporate politics. 
  • They seek expert help to develop better-individualized action plans to get what they need from each important relationship. 
  • They see the value of developing a greater ‘global mindset’ for their benefit, their team, and their organization.  

Significant frequency of coaching contact with Dr Ranker over a longer period is an integral part of his success with clients. Most people find his coaching the most intense developmental learning experience of their life. He helps leaders develop global mindset, so they can step beyond their own base culture to lead successfully in today’s hyper-connected business environment. 

Levels of Engagement: Dr. Ranker works with only top executives who are willing to commit to one of his three coaching levels.   

Coach:  One in-person visit of 3-5 days onsite at your convenience of global location per quarter plus a video coaching session every three weeks.  

Mentor Coach:  One in-person visit of 3-5 days at a global location 6 times a year plus a video coaching session twice a month.  Two optional trips of 2-3 days each accompanying client on business travel to better understand their full responsibilities and see them in action in their role outside their office.  

CEO / Chairman Advisor:  Awarded top priority.  One in-person visit each month—your choice of location anywhere in the world, plus optional trips up to one week each accompanying client on business trips to better understand client’s full responsibilities and context.  Full, true on-call availability 24/7, audio/video access whenever needed with the promise to respond within hours. And if necessary, willingness to prioritize this premier client above others—meaning I will change other schedules to travel to meet anywhere globally if deemed important enough. Plus designated video coaching session every week throughout the year.  This premier offering is the most intense, dedicated and usually chosen by an already very successful Chairman or CEO of a global company. 

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