With Partners in Seattle, New York, Beijing, Shanghai and London, GMSG represents top global strategists, coaches and advisors working across borders, economies and political systems to inspire and empower amazing people to accomplish incredible goals while making a deeply powerful impact.

Our partners possess a powerful and diverse professional background as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, senior elected officials and White House advisors and top global executive coaches, advisors and strategists.

A majority of our clients are already in positions of leadership as C-suite executives in global corporations, elected or appointed senior government officials or global non-profit leaders.

GMSG’s purpose driven coaches and consultants work to dramatically strengthen and enhance core organizational leadership through building the effectiveness and leadership skills of our client – bringing them, and their organization, to their absolute fullest potential.

Our executive coaches work to further build and focus our clients’ internal and external strengths dramatically growing their abilities, reach and successes while helping them truly inspire and empower those around them – creating a powerful leadership team.

Our management consulting practice brings some of the brightest minds in global business strategy and development as well a deep understanding of politics, culture and policy throughout the globe – maintaining a vast worldwide network of key political and business leaders. We bring this powerful professional background and network to our clients as strategic advisors and management consultants – allowing them to successfully address challenges while dramatically increasing their effectiveness and ability to work across borders, economies and political systems.

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