Global Leadership: Your Influence Matters

Global Leadership

 Your Global Leadership Influence Matters 

Organizations increasingly need executive talent to lead their growing international operations. They need truly global executives—those who can work effectively across countries and regions to advance corporate goals while balancing regional and local interests.  

 Global Leadership and Globalization 

For multinational companies, this can be a true global leadership can be a challenge. Global executives need the same knowledge and capabilities as domestic executives, as well as special attributes and skills to work in- often radically different cultures, political systems and environments. Given this reality, the need for special development programs creating truly global executives is clear.  

 Developing global leadership capacity is surfacing more and more as a constraint.  According to senior executives, 76% believe their organizations need to develop global leaders, but only 7% think they re currently doing it effectively.  

 Rapid growth in emerging markets, combined with a long-term outlook of lower growth in most developed economies, is pushing companies to globalize faster, thus the need to develop a special type of leader is paramount,  a truly global leader.   

Coaching Global Leaders 

As one of the Fathers of the modern executive coaching movement Dr, Gary Ranker brings three decades professional experience focusing solely on coaching the world’s most senior managers. As one of Jack Welch’s first designated professionals to help GE’s most senior executives ‘become more of the best they can be,’ his role was proven to be highly valuable.   Since then he has worked with literally hundreds of senior executives at numerous international corporations on five continents in several dozen countries. Through his vast career, Dr. Ranker has developed a powerful reputation as one of the top five executive coaches in the world. Dr. Ranker and his team of global senior coaches now works in dozens of countries for numerous Fortune 500 Companies.   

 Global Leadership and Diversity  

 In the competitive business landscape of today’s world, leaders must be able to manage a diverse workforce. Thus effective workforce management is key to business success.  To achieve effectiveness, leaders need to be able to manage culturally diverse individuals.  Domestic leaders also need to develop a global mindset to be aware of and appreciate the diversity of their teams and use those differences as a competitive advantage locally and internationally.   

 Addressing the global leadership gap must be an urgent priority for companies if they are to successfully expand their geographic reach.  

 Global Leadership Most Pressing Challenge 

“People are a company’s greatest asset, but also present the biggest challenge.”  -Dr Gary Ranker 

  1.  Many executives wrongly believe that the skills, knowledge, and experience within the global workforce of their companies represent an invaluable asset and it should be enough to thrive globally. However, many have trouble transferring lessons learned in one market, culture and political system to another. Corporations must consciously refine the global mindset of their managers to if the corporation is going to successfully advance their objectives in foreign lands.
  2.  As executives become more senior, they are less likely to receive constructive performance and strategic feedback. As a result, many top executives become more insular at a time when they must continually be open to new ideas and thinking in order to advance their performance and global developmental needs of their corporation. They may also become increasingly isolated from constructive criticism—subordinates do not want to offend the boss and may believe that constructive suggestions are unwelcome and unwise.  

 A Global Coach With a Global Mindset 

Dr. Gary Ranker coaching process is truly global.  Top leaders from all corners of the world have benefited from Dr. Ranker’s coaching and many defined it as one of their single most professionally rewarding experiences.  His expertise in global leadership comes from different dimensions.  First as a Global CEO himself and second as a coach to top CEOs and executives around the world. Dr. Ranker and his colleagues at GRGlobal bring a rare combination of passion, expertise and subject knowledge that is simply unmatched.     

True globalization of business and global leadership starts with the principle that the managers and leaders have the right skills and the right mindset, a global mindset.   In fact, global expansion is significantly more successful if senior managers develop and embrace a global mindset. Managers must use those principles to strategically plan and develop successful relationships for their benefit, their people, and their company. Companies are not global, people are. Corporations must prioritize the importance of having not only the right individuals with the right skills, but also the right mindset if they are to successfully navigate multiple cultures, political systems and corporate environments.    

 Global Leadership Coaching Needs 

Globalization of business has implications for how people are managed. Some cultures encourage entrepreneurship; some cultures encourage teamwork; some support a strong central leadership, and others encourage dissent or discussion. Since talent in a global organization can be drawn from many parts of the world, leaders need to be more situational in their style, more aware of individual persons, and of timing and cultural context.  Dr. Ranker’s global leadership coaching team understands the challenges of global leaders.   



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About Global Leadership according to Global Business Leaders. 

“What I want to state is not a disadvantage but a challenge. If you truly are global, it really does challenge traditional decision-making models, traditional product, and technology development models and service models. You’ve got to think of different mechanisms for control and risk management than you would in an environment that is significantly less globalized. In a less globalized environment, it would be easier to control information. Customer expectations in a globalized setting are different from what you know.  

The other disadvantage or challenge is that it is more demanding for staff. The rewards are connected with the opportunity. There are greater demands for management and not just that at those global leader levels. An effective global leader can connect with their global organization to create the right outcomes in the markets they serve.” 

-CEO Australia , Your Content Goes Here

Challenges are huge because we are working both ways. If it’s successful, diversity is a big win for us. We believe diversity will create much more energy, creativity, and innovation. We have a different set of people on the same team. When we are not aligned, we can’t make the best use of the power 


-Chief Human Resources Officer, Japan , Your Content Goes Here

The illustration of a conductor of the orchestra is extremely good. The leader with a global mindset is above and outside of the individual instruments. They have a concept of how to get the best out of this group of people. A global mindset is the proactive ability to make something out of the diversity that most people merely tolerate. Others may realize they can get something out of it, but they haven’t found a way to get the highest value from this symphony. 


-CEO, Germany , Your Content Goes Here

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