Global Mindset Coaching Certification 

Coaching executives success is dependent of two things,  the willingness of the executive to undergo a learning experience and the ability of the coach to provide the learning experience that fits the needs of the executives and their learning preferences.    

Coaching global leaders requires coaches to possess a Global Mindset of their own, in addition to the tools and strategies to help their clients thrive in the global stage.   

Improve your client’s abilities to thrive in an hyper connected world by developing and leveraging their own Global Mindset.  Our coaching certification program has been designed for already successful executive coaches and industry leaders with global or cross-cultural responsibilities.   

Program Highlights 

  • Acquire in depth understanding of the Global Mindset Leadership from one of the fathers of the modern executive coaching movement. 
  • Discover the essential skills and abilities of global leadership and Global Mindset. 
  • Enrich your coaching proficiency by learning the tools and strategies  to help your global clients develop and practice Global Mindset Leadership. 
  • Create a personal action plan to continue the development of your own global mindset.   


  • Dr Gary Ranker  (link to Global CEO Coach page) 
  • Dr Luis Velasquez 


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