I decided to hire a coach because I wanted to improve my skills as a leader. I wanted to make sure that I’m always open-minded to outside influences that can improve me as a person and businessman. I’m intrigued by the process of growth, and one-on-one education.

I noticed Gary’s authentic nature and his genuine approach to how he communicates with people. He has a big heart and an empathetic approach to his coaching style. He’s worked at a global level of business from a young age, running large companies overseas, and understanding the intensity of corporate structures and the power struggles that transpire when working with large groups of diverse people.

In our coaching conversations, Gary gets to the root issues at hand. He’s very intuitive about what might be going on, and directs our conversation to unexpected places within the challenges that I face. He walks his talk with people from all walks of life, and from all parts of the world, melding the East and West together in his daily travel.

I find that having a global mindset helps me at a local level because it makes me realize the world is both big and small at the same time, depending on the situation at hand. Global mindset helps me with the diversity of my client base, selecting markets and understanding client needs and wants, and in dealing with differences from all over the world. It helps me in the hiring, development and training of different people, because in large cities the world has become a melting pot. I’ve come to realize that any one thing I do in my business can ripple out and affect many people, so I want to make sure that global mindset thinking is always part of my decision-making process of being a leader.

My business relationship with Gary has turned into friendship. His caring nature—his desire to help and make a difference in my life and the lives of others—has made a positive impact worldwide. I’m honored and proud to be part of that journey, and I know Gary’s efforts will open up the minds of many people, which will trigger positive changes in the workplace and in our intercultural communication, one human being to another.

Gary’s passion and his global mindset keep me thinking about the bigger picture, staying in a positive, productive mode of thinking that helps me create positive change for my clients and the people that I meet.

My coaching experience with Gary is making me a better leader in the short term, and I know that over time it will help me have more creative thoughts on how I can connect with people and clients outside my local markets. It will help me communicate better with all people and to make a greater difference in their lives and businesses.

Gary’s approach to developing a global mindset should be part of the on-going training and education in companies, because having a global mindset shapes the culture and boosts the revenues. With a global mindset you can better open markets, open more revenue streams, and drive profits as you serve people in a more global way.