Culture coaches emphasize differences. There are many of those. Only a few, however, are ‘Global Mindset’ coaches, among whom Dr. Gary Ranker is preeminent. Such rare assets exist to support business leaders’ success in today’s always-online, fuzzy-bordered business world.

‘Global Mindset’ coaches serve as role models and leaders of their own multicultural leadership experience to those who strive in a fast-moving global market. They need many attributes but foremost, they must have high moral values and be true to those always. At the same time, they should be sensitive to competing cultural forces and exercise pragmatism with care. Wherever I meet Gary Ranker, be it in Europe, North America or Asia, I meet the same highly-principled man, but I see him engage the most appropriate styles in his coaching in cultures as diverse as Japan and the U.S..

Dr. Ranker is always true to his values, but he is also attuned to the current environment–the mark of a truly great “Global Mindset’ coach. His latest book adds much to the world of business leadership.

–Iain Martin
Author, Looking Down on Leaders – a bird’s eye view of business and bosses. Chair of I.J. Martin & Co Ltd, Executive Coaches for Global Business Leaders, with presence in Europe, Asia and the U.S., Zurich, Switzerland.