The most important factors of an effective Global Mindset Coach  according to a recent study shows the importance placed by the respondents on the coach’s actual on-the-ground experience in other cultures. But experience with other cultures can take many different forms. It could be that you grew up in a family that has more than one culture represented.

You may live as a child or as a young adult in another culture, study, or have experience in your own professional background where you live and work in another culture. All of those forms have different values for the potential coach who is in a position where global mindset is important.

Comfort with change is cited as being the next most important coach quality when looking at what it takes to be a global mindset coach. For some people change comes easily, but for many of us that’s not the case. When we become more comfortable with change we can deliberately put ourselves in positions where change is what we confront.

Some of these coaching qualities–like working with people from other cultures, familiarity with specific countries, and education in other countries–were all listed as important qualities for a coach who was expected to help someone else develop a global mindset. One thing that stands out is comfort with change.

If you think about it, comfort with change has relevance for dealing with or having experience with other cultures in that there is a dramatic change necessary in your mindset and your ability to cope with the values and differences of another society.

It’s possible to teach many of these qualities. We can depend on training from outside sources that could potentially help the coach develop global mindset.

Universities and institutes could even provide some form of cultural experience, both by bringing people to the training, and providing an opportunity for the coach learning global mindset to have an experience in another culture.