A Global CEO Coach with a Global Mindset 

Dr.  Gary Ranker is one of the pioneers of the coaching profession, having been approached by General Electric in 1989 to be one of Jack Welch’s first change agents. He was charged with helping top managers to consider behavioral and management changes in style, which eventually become known as ‘executive coaching’.  

He has worked and lived on four continents as a CEO for Hallmark Cards and Textron consumer products companies. He also served as the Managing Director-Europe for Sales and Marketing across 10 European subsidiaries of Hallmark Cards. He brings a truly global mindset to his international practice, coaching the Chairmen, CEO’s and other senior executives of Fortune 500 companies around the world. He is based in Manhattan/NYC in the USA, and spends about three-quarters of his time traveling the world serving the needs of his global clients. 

He is cited by Forbes as being one of the top five executive coaches in the world, and London’s Financial Times described him as one of the 50 most important global thought leaders. 

Business Experience 

  • CEO, Hallmark Cards Germany (Gary manages the company in the German language.) 
  • Co-in charge, Hallmark Cards UK 
  • Director Sales & Marketing, Hallmark Cards Europe 
  • CEO, Textron subsidiary consumer products companies in Australia and New Zealand 
  • Marketing Director, University of Southern California School of Business 


Dr. Rankers has published several books.    

  1. Political Dilemmas at Work is a practical guide to surviving negative political situations at work.  
  2. Global Mindset Leadership: Navigating China and US Business Cultures has been described by both Chinese and Western leaders as helpful, accurate and even-handed.  
  3. Global Mindset Coaching: Perspectives and Practices from a Coaching Pioneer  is about the globalization of business and the role of coaching in developing managers’ global mindset.  
  4. Global Mindset Management in the Age of Populism (In progress). This is a book which will be a compilation of chapters authored by global CEOs about recommendations for global leadership in the age of populism.  
  5. Later in 2018 Gary will publish a novel based on his ancestors’ lives in the San Francisco, California area following the Gold Rush of the mid-1850’s. 

Why Hire Dr.Gary Ranker: 

  • He has been a CEO with full P/L responsibility in 3 countries: UK, Germany, Australia. 
  • Taught Comparative Management, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. 
  • Doctoral research in management across countries. 
  • Began coaching 1989 when asked by GE’s Jack Welch to be a coach. 
  • 28+ years full time individual coaching. 
  • Considered one of the fathers of the executive coaching profession. 
  • Significant psychological training enabling understanding of interpersonal relationships. 
  • Has lived 14 years outside his home country of the United States. 
  • Has a global practice – traveled 800,000 km last year to serve global CEO clients. 
  • Considered one of the world’s top authorities on global leadership and ‘global mindset’. 

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